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Brett is the creator of several independent comics including; Boomtown Scabs, The Adventures of Carl and The Expendables. Brett has also worked on Wolman Mac’s Nightmare Sinema/Chiller Drive-in Comics, Fat Momma Comics From Stan Lee’s Who Wants to be a superhero tv show.

Visit Brett at: for more info on Brett, his works as well as commission requests.


Scott's professional career as an artist began in 1995 at Digital Animation Corporation in Southfield, MI where he created many animations for local TV commercials and businesses, including the NBA's Detroit Pistons creating their previous mascot named, "Sir Slam-A-Lot".


After that, he became a freelance illustrator working for popular brands such as Star Wars for Topps Trading Cards and ACME Archives, as well as other licensed projects for Game of Thrones, Transformers, Vampirella, Red Sonja, & more.

For more info about Scott and to see his art, visit


Alan joined Brett and Scott as their partner June 14, 2017. His background in business management and entrepreneurship is a big asset to Odd Musings and he is a key addition to the strategic planning of the show’s future growth.


Although not a professional artist, he is a lifelong science fiction fan growing up with classic fan favorites such as Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galatica to the modern-day fan favorites such as Eureka, Firefly/Serenity, the Stargate series, the new Star Treks, the new Star Wars, the new Battlestar Galatica and more.

Alan is part of the 501st Legion, an Imperial Star Wars themed philanthropic organization trooping to raise funds for local hospitals and charities, as well as entertaining fans both kids and adults. His costumes include an Imperial Staff Officer and soon-to-be-completed Original Stormtrooper.


When not geeking out on Sci-fi or trooping for the Empire, Alan is an avid sports fan, especially football and hockey. He also is a builder of 1/35 scale model tanks.

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