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Past Episodes - September 2017

Episode Archives - Past Months

June 2017 - Episodes 6 - 8
Episode# 18

Aired Date: September 6, 2017

Topics: In this week's episode, Brett and Scott talk about two of Netflix's newest series, "Ozark" and "Marvel's Defenders".

They also recap their recent appearances at the Flint Comix Fall Festival, the Michigan Renaissance Festival, as well as their visit to the Chubby Duck Detroit for some delicious sushi. 

Episode# 19

Aired Date: September 13, 2017

Topics: Brett and Scott cover some of the latest "fun" news from around the globe including the growing "Fatburg" problem facing London, as well as the "Planet of the Cows" in the U.K.

They also talk about the Cassini space probe making its final turn around the moon, Titan and how it will be entering Saturn's atmosphere later this week.

So tune in for all of this and more, on Episode 19!

Episode# 20

Aired Date: September 20, 2017

Topics: In our 20th episode, Brett and Scott talk about a particular mysterious creature who appeared on our website with our logo.


They also unveiled the details of their new Patreon page which will allow our fans to partner with us and unlock exclusive content through their support. Check it out for yourself at


And as always, Brett and Scott will give their takes on some other fun topics happening in our world today.

Episode# 21

Aired Date: September 27, 2017

Topics: Brett and Scott tackle the current division amongst Star Trek fans between those who prefer Star Trek: Discovery vs The Orville.

Other discussion topics include; Kingman: The Golden Circle, Scott's upcoming marathon, and Brett's weekend at the Cinci Comic Expo.

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